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Pump Manufacturing & Assembly Plant

Wilo Emu

The 42,000 SF Assembly and Manufacturing Shop is laid out to respond to the efficient flow of materials handling. The structure is a pre-fab metal building frame with site-cast tilt-up concrete wall construction. Two floor- mounted 20,000 CFM thermal- economizer air-turnover units that provide 100% system efficiency condition to the entire plant. These are easy to maintain without need for lift access, eliminate major ductwork that is source for dust collection, and provides the owner with savings on energy costs that are expected to be substantially more than traditional ceiling mounted fan coil systems. The architects further justified this system that eliminates overhead obstructions and permits maximum height with industrial parts shelving. The majority of power and utilities are brought in overhead in order to free up the shop floor for movement of materials. "Pumken Intelligenz" is WILO EMU's benchmark business philosophy based on decades of experience and hands-on know how. GRC built on this philosophy in their services and final design for the facility. Engineering for the movement of liquids is announced at the facility's main enterance in which a WILO EMU submersible pump drives the waterfall feature to flow across the top of the Office Wing's driveway canopy. The Office Wing is cleanly appointed to reflect the high-performance and precision characteristics of the company's German roots anf its production of high- quality and innovative products. The lobby is designed as an educational and marketing Theater for visitors and prospective clients that will also include pump displays. The training room has an aquarium- like testing tank for display of operating scale model pumps and mixers as teaching tools. A cafeteria served by a catering kitchen is at the heart of the complex and is designed as an open gathering space meant to bring plant personnel together with business operations and office staff.

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