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Gilchrist Ross Crowe Architects' (GRC) three principals each bring a unique and recognized strength to the firm. The common denominator is that each partner strives for excellence.

Existing structural constraints, limited funds, and tight schedules all serve as a backdrop for providing excellent service and architecture. GRC has a history of consistently meeting these challenges.

Beginning with Richard R. Crowe & Associates in 1987, the firm has a history of excellence. GRCs philosophy of its Principal Architects practicing architecture keeps the principals personally working on every project. This allows us to serve the client better. We have chosen to be the size we are for purposes of being able to provide our clients with principals working as true practicing architects. Since the principals have intimate involvement in all aspects of a project, potential problems are dealt with early. Three principals and a small efficient staff allows GRC to provide excellent service. This is a strategic advantage over many area firms and one which our clients have come to appreciate.

GRC utilizes the Building Information Modeling Process (BIM) to leverage knowledge and create a smooth information stream throughout the design and documentation process. Furthermore to benefit the client, presentations are done "live" in the virtual model.  The GRC process builds confidence and concensus in the clients project team.


Historically we have handled institutional projects ranging in construction cost from 10 to 53 million dollars.