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Academic Villages Phase II

University of Central Florida

The Academic Villages Phase II is ~217,800 GSF and completes the existing academic housing village. The new four building complex is organized around a plaza overlooking a campus pond which becomes a feature and focal point for the student residents. The plaza is also the southern terminus for the student pedestrian way connecting to Student Recreation and Wellness Center. Buildings 1-3, officially named "Neptune Community", are 3-5 stories and comprised primarily of student rooms and living spaces. Building 4 is one story and devoted to administration. Buildings 1-3 have at each floor level a common kitchen, living room, study, and laundry room. The student rooms are designed as 4-person suites. A typical 4-person suite has four 1-person bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a common area with two lavatory/vanity areas and an open shelving nook. In addition to student living space, Buildings 2 and 3 have administrative, food service, multi-purpose, classroom, and study room spaces at the ground floor level. GRC began the design of AVII in March of 2011 and completed 100% CDs in April 2012.

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