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Soccer Softball Complex

Florida State University

This complex is entirely dedicated to two distinguished women’s athletic programs. It has proven to be a highly successful project.  The Esplanade and central plaza is the organizing element for the complex. The architectural details reflect the historical architecture in the older part of campus. The buildings are simple, functional and require minimum maintenance.


During their respective seasons, each program’s use of the esplanade and the supporting “village” of buildings provide an architecture and operations exclusively dedicated to each program. Soccer on the west field in the fall, and softball on the east in spring.   Seminole Soccer seats 1,500 persons with additional capacity for several hundred patrons on its grassed berms. Seminole Softball seats 1,000 persons, also with seating capacity on the berms.


The playing field surfaces are constructed over an engineered sub-drainage system capable of providing a playable condition within minutes after a major rainfall.

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