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Ruby Diamond Performance Hall

Florida State University

Ruby Diamond Performance Hall is located in Westcott Hall, the signature building on Florida State University’s campus. GRC’s primary design objective in the renovation of Ruby Diamond was to improve the acoustical quality and seating arrangements to raise the level of the space to that of a true performance hall. The existing auditorium and stage envelopes remained intact and were improved with circulation and back of house building expansions to the stage house. Major changes to the auditorium included an enlarged proscenium opening and the addition of parterre seating, side boxes, and elegant architectural detailing. The North Expansion to Westcott Hall included in this project provides a two-story height rehearsal space on the same level as the stage and two new office floors above to account for offices displaced by the construction of new lobbies on the First Floor of Westcott. A loading dock ramp and back of house receiving space were also added. A new connector was added to serve as a link between the North Expansion and north wing of Westcott Hall. The exterior space between the North Expansion and Westcott was redeveloped to serve as a second point of entry to the facility and includes a vehicular turnaround enhanced with hardscaping.

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