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Johnston Dining Hall - Suwannee Room

Florida State University

The project consisted of remodeling +/- 30,000 SF of the east end of the historic Johnston Building.  The East Wing Dining Hall known as the Suwannee Room was built in 1916 and 1921.  GRC ‘s design priority was to restore the facility’s most important architectural feature which is the +200 foot long dining hall that was  preserved in its grandeur.  The project  houses a new food service and dining operation that is unique in comparison to typical cafeteria-style operations.  Construction consisted of removal of hazardous materials, demolition of all existing partitions added over the years, new  floor structure, new partitions, doors and windows, interior finishes, food equipment, HVAC system, plumbing, fire sprinkler system and electrical systems, lighting, smoke, and fire alarm systems. 

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