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David Gilchrist
RA, LEED AP | Principal

David Gilchrist thinks of himself as a “generalist.” He envisions the various components of the art of architecture “horizontally” in which design, building engineering, product selection, finishes, specifications, quality control, the owner’s operations, maintainability and budget must be constantly attended to in order to provide the client superior architecture. For him the constraints of design are simply an element of complexity and therefore a challenge. He has led teams on projects of over 250,000 square feet. He is a ‘big picture’ visionary in his role and he is driven by a desire for thoroughness. “The bigger, more unique, the more complex and technical, all the better.”


His unique strengths lie in Project Management and Cost Estimating. He has been working full time in the design profession since 1977. Confident in many types of lead roles, his professional work includes industrial, educational, institutional and high-performance facilities. In addition to work in his native state of Florida, he has worked on projects in California, Washington, Texas, Virginia, Georgia, South Carolina, Mississippi, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Trinidad and the Panama Canal Zone.

David is a wing shooter and hunts for the dinner table and not for trophies, cooks epicurean feasts for guests, enjoys fine wines, dances Argentine Tango, studies and practices the wisdom of Jungian psychology and as an extrovert is always seeking new experiences.


Bachelor of Design, University of Florida, 1975

Master of Arts in Architecture, University of Florida, 1983

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