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College of Engineering

FAMU-FSU Joint Program

College of Engineering Phase II is a three-story 96,000 SF facility. The three story connector atrium is the primary space which links the buildings and creates a new courtyard entry for the entire facility. The steel frame and glass curtain-wall “Connector” linking the new with the existing Phase I building serves as the complex’s new main entrance. The Connector spaces provide informal study areas, exhibit space, and a food services operation with informal dining seating. The Phase II building houses classrooms, offices and teaching and research laboratories. Unique technical solutions were required for the Electrical Department’s Anechoic Chamber and Shielded Room, the Civil Department’s Structures Testing Lab and the Chemical Department’s NMR Magnet Labs associated with the NHMFL. The building responds contextually to the Phase I building and is clad with a metal panel system and employs high-efficiency glass. The ground floor of the building is designed as a Hurricane Shelter Area for up to 400 persons and is capable of withstanding 130 mph winds.

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