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Azalea & Magnolia Halls

Florida State University

The Azalea and Magnolia Halls are the second phase of the FSU Housing Replacement Project. Located south of the first phase, these halls are directly on Jefferson Street and include 912 beds along with a dining facility named 1851. The integration of the 4 micro restaurants and convenience store are organized along an internal 2 story “alley” which joins the residence hall create an exciting environment for the students.

In addition to the dining facilities, each building consists of 6 stories plus a partial basement. Offices, student laundry and recreational rooms, a seminar room and formal lounge are included in the ground floor spaces. A kitchen and a study room are located at each student floor. The typical 4-person suite has two bedrooms- each with two closets and a lavatory/vanity and a shared bathroom.

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